Some of the funds have seen a net outflow of investor’s cash and accordingly have been net disposers. This has left a void at the upper end of the market that has given Irish investors the opportunity to purchase Unilever House and 70 Gracechurch Street, amongst others.

The UK has many similarities with our home market in terms of leases and practices. The big differences are there is more liquidity in the UK and yields are higher. Stamp duty in Ireland, at 9%, has reduced liquidity, which was already under pressure. Developers traditionally provided a flow of investments into the market once their developments are completed and let.

The super profits that development has generated together with low interest rates have taken pressure off developers to trade completed developments and many of them are holding their assets.

This is a vicious circle as these developers are also major investors and with the reduced supply of investments they become even less likely to sell given the difficulty of reinvesting. The low and apparently stable interest rate climate, weak stock market in 2001-2003 and increased wealth drove yields lower than many people predicted. While the disposal and acquisition of property is our core business, it is our in-depth understanding of how the market changes and evolves that sets us apart: we know when to act and when to stand firm; we are aware of the politics and personalities involved; we have an appreciation of the overall fabric of the market.

Our comprehensive knowledge of local and national property and procedure enables us to provide a consistent service, whether in an urban or provincial environment. Our proactive approach to strategic planning, appraisals and marketing, ensures maximum efficiency and higher returns for our clients. In other words, we get results. Lisney’s retail and leisure division has its finger firmly on the pulse of the Irish economy. Owners, leaseholders, retailers and leisure operators rely on Lisney’s expertise to identify suitable properties and tenants, to anticipate economic and consumer trends, and to manage the negotiation process.

Local and multinational companies involve Lisney at all stages of development, from finding a site for a shopping centre to locating tenants to populate it. Conveyancing specialists would embrace undertakings like property investigation, title examination, drafting property deed, delivering conveyancers report, planning archives for home loan bank and instructing purchasers on lawful angles regarding property deeds.


The market has developed over recent years with many different categories of new homes emerging Peter states, Lisney intend to specialise in niche developments that will reflect and benefit from our unrivalled reputation for quality, service and reliability.

According to a new report by Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker, international affiliates of Lisney, the forecast for total UK investment returns has been revised upwards to 12.4% for 2005. This is a 2% increase on the initial forecast. This out-performance of the market is coming at the price of slower returns towards the end of 2005 and into 2006, which are not expected to as strong as earlier this year. Different overwhelming experts and conveyancers will in like way have set up their own particular destinations where you ought to can chase their districts get an online reference or chat with them through visit or trick conferencing about specific demand as to your won conveyancing Duncan Lyster, Divisional Director of Lisney states that ‘the strong demand for investment property in the UK has been accompanied by marked yield compression in all sectors of the market.

However, there are now signs that the market is stabilising with the scale of yield falls slowing in many areas’.

Duncan adds that the ‘heat and excitement of the early summer has moderated as investors now accept the sector’s yield re-rating as a fact of life’.The most obvious risks are to secondary stock, particularly with regard to weaker locations or properties that cannot be adapted to meet modern needs. Lisney are well equipped to advise on mainland Europe having recently recruited a native of the Czech Republic. Katerina Kopecna joins the Investment Team from a firm of property advisors in Prague and will work with Duncan Lyster, who spent many years in the UK, and Robert Janke, a German national, advising on International Investments. Currently, all market indicators suggest that this growth will continue for the remainder of the year.

To date enquiries from end users are on the increase and there have been a number of significant new lettings. Prime high spec city centre space has seen an increase of 5% this year. This growth rate differs from the overall figure, as there is still a two-tiered market with office rents in the suburbs and outside of Dublin experiencing no growth.

There is good demand from owner-occupiers for Georgian buildings and capital values have increased this year. However, due to high vacancy levels in the letting market, Georgian Office rents have not moved this year.


Many sites under consideration involve a broad mix of commercial and residential content, which requires the spread of Lisney expertise.

Lisney’s dedicated overseas property division offers access to this growing market, for developers and investors wishing to attract Irish buyers. Lisney Overseas is involved in the marketing and sale of diverse, global property opportunities, into the Irish market and beyond through our international network.

Lisney’s team of Chartered Surveyors specialise in the negotiation of disputes and, where necessary, their referral to the courts, to arbitration or to independent expert. We act on behalf of landlords and tenants, whether they be small independent traders, private individuals, consortiums or large organisations or institutions.When settlements are not possible, we have co-ordinated references to the Property Arbitrator.

Lisney’s team of Chartered Surveyors specialise in the negotiation of disputes and, where necessary, their referral to the courts, to arbitration or to independent expert. If not, you can instruct Lisney to appeal on your behalf and endeavour to reduce your annual rates bill.The main conveyancing lawyers melbourne performs the process of property related to do the respected process for making profit.

The rise in construction site fatalities prompted the Federation to explore ways it could promote an improved health and safety culture in the industry, which had been strengthened to ensure that all cardholders were equipped with adequate health and safety knowledge for the tasks they performed on site. The Federation welcomed the principle of revising the Regulations, which would introduce higher performance standards and result in increasing the amenity of dwellings at a time of increased housing density and intensification.

The BPF also suggested that improvement in acoustic performance might present an opportunity to relax elements of existing planning guidance governing the development of housing in close proximity to sources of noise.