The BPF represented members’ concern that parking standards should not, on a blanket basis, be curtailed, and certainly not before public transport first improves. The Federation also commissioned (and provided to Government) independent research which demonstrated. The research suggested that there was a greater appreciation by local government than by national politicians of the need to match parking reductions against public transport accessibility.

It revealed that 75% of local planning authorities surveyed provide for business parking significantly in excess of that proposed in draft PPG13, many in the hope of attracting the economic benefits of B1 development to their areas. Subsequently, the Government in part met members’ concerns by increasing the B1 parking provision in the published for planning reform that would support the delivery of an efficient and fair system for all.

Most notably the Government chose to adopt the BPF’s recommendation that maximum parking standards should be relaxed for town centre developments that offer their parking arrangements as part of a pooled town centre parking scheme. The Federation led on recommendations for planning reform.

The BPF submitted the property industry’s views on the Urban White Paper, which sets out the Government’s ambitions and commitments for regenerating our towns and cities.Online property conveyancing calculator – Our valuable clients check estimate value of their real estate property and can hire online our professional real estate conveyancers. This is a forum designed to enable early consultation between both bodies and promote a greater understanding of the relationship between commercial property and heritage.

The research revealed that a high proportion of local authorities support the current system of planning obligations but would welcome moves from central Government to regularize its approach. The surprise finding of the research was that most local authorities are opposed to the introduction of a tariff approach as put forward in the Government’s Green Paper.The BPF was broadly comfortable with the main principles underlying the Bill, while having a number of outstanding concerns regarding the detailed provisions.