Apartment best in the street or is it something else that’s best for you and then we have an investment committee misses the point where I think that’s out you know tight excels over and above just the general person causes ability to to do due diligence on a particular properties fervor strong and then it comes that’s negotiation if you don’t negotiate or diver.

dies part your job chances are you will get out negotiated when you’re dealing with the real so much they the good ones my cat and knots and I’m actually very good at it so there’s a bit I proper selection framework that you can adopt it’s what we dodo make sure that we’re putting ourselves in the best chance of getting the best results when it comes to buying these this property so the p a is look for something that has some scarcity.

value that’s investment-grade it has on or keep our pew now are up to par peel is very very important am what’s the alternative to unreel keep our pilots investor a few and the problem is investors bar detect a lighter and I not surprised by theosophy you wanna buy something for with that has some cock part because you know if you the option you’re kinda two hundred stories themselves regatta an option and we to everything.

we can to professionally-put other people off from bidding Capital Gains Tax Valuations against us but every now and then someone comes along and Just have their hearts and their property no matter what I’m just gonna bought logic goes out the window purposes himself a limit nice been a little people that’s the top property owner Baa-because remember when the value comes along and he has a look at your property or she has a look at your property I want them to compare that to other or keep our properties within the one plum rights for someone has put the heart into it and they’ve driven the price so then all I get a better valuation on my particular property an obscure number seven is they don’t develop a reliable blueprint this is interesting if you said ago six types a chance that you’ll actually get it.

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