It was impossible to put into practice because the criteria did not take into account the problems and techniques of modern, competitive building management and renovation. In addition, there was no distinction between new and old buildings, setting down the same requirements for both.


This aims to ensure energy performance of different buildings on the market will become comparable and should become a factor in people’s choice of office, home, etc. The Commission, in good faith, thought that by requiring energy certification only upon construction, sale or rental of the building they would ensure an orderly transition to full certification of the entire European building stock. They overlooked the fact that in multi-occupancy office blocks, shopping centres or apartment buildings it isn’t technically feasible to just certify the single unit that is being sold or rented today. The renting of a single unit implies, in practice, certification of the whole block. In big buildings, one or other unit is always up for rent, which would have meant that, except for individual houses, it would have been necessary to certify the entire building stock immediately!

Fortunately, under the leadership of Markku Rantama, Chairman of the Federation’s Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality Committee EPF was able to explain all this to the European Parliament and the governments of the Member States. As a result, by end-year it seemed likely that indoor air quality will be part of the energy performance calculation methodology.

There will be a transition giving owners a time to complete the energy certification of the building stock and it will be possible for property companies to have the certification carried out by their own highly qualified personnel. While choose conveyancing lawyers Act Conveyancing Sydney and advocates, as a customer you should always look for experience and expertise rather than trying to cut corners on rates that are being charged by them. On that part of the building which it was the owner’s intention to renovate in the first place.

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